Invited Speakers

Sally Buberman and Ignacio López

Wormhole Live Learning
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Demystifying Agile Methodologies in the Startup Lifecycle

Abstract—More often than not, the use of agile methodologies for software development such as SCRUM, XP, Lean Software Development, and others, have been intrinsically linked to tech startups, as if more formal and traditional processes would only be a good fit for large, bureaucratic companies ready to be disrupted. Startups have many phases in their lifecycle, each one presenting different challenges and requiring different strategies from a software development perspective. In the first stages (discovery, prototyping and product-market fit), the focus is on rapid iterations conducted by co-founders to prove or disprove different hypotheses. But what happens later, when the startup finds its product-market fit and enters the scale-up phase? This phase involves growing the development team, incorporating different levels of seniority, development of multiple features in parallel, compromising deadlines for current and prospective customers, and many more challenges that weren’t present in the previous ones. In this presentation, we will address the difficulties that agile development methodologies have in the scale-up phase of a startup, and discuss why mixing them with more traditional processes might be a winning combination.

Sally Buberman is a co-founder and CEO of Wormhole, an award-winning company that helps hundreds of enterprises, governments and institutions to create, manage and deliver their training programs completely online, while retaining the quality of in-person education. Sally is focused on defining the company strategy and overseeing its execution to achieve business goals and regional growth. She previously worked in engineering, development and marketing projects in large multinational companies, both in Argentina and abroad. Sally is a frequent guest speaker at prestigious universities and industry events, where she shares her experiences as a young female entrepreneur in the technology field. She also participates as a mentor and international judge in competitions and incubators such as Start-up Chile, TIC Americas of the OAS or Microsoft Imagine Cup. Sally was recently awarded the recognition “Iconic Innovative Women Leaders of the Decade” by the Women Economic Forum, for her achievements in business and innovation with a strong impact on education.

Ignacio López, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Wormhole, an award-winning company that has created the first “Live-Learning” platform to overhaul online training programs for companies and governments. At Wormhole, he oversees Product and R&D, where he manages a team of engineers, designers, and product managers to create innovative solutions to revolutionize online education. Ignacio previously worked for multinational firms such as France Telecom and Microsoft, and he’s often featured as guest speaker and judge in industry events around the world. In October 2012 he was selected by the MIT Technology Review Magazine as one of the 10 most innovative people under 35 in Argentina, and also as an Endeavor Entrepreneur.